Yoki's Mother

Japanese voice actor

Yoshiko Takemura

English voice actor

Stephanie Young




Deceased (killed in a landslide)

Can see mushi?



Yoki (Son)

First appearance

One-Eyed Fish

Not much is known about Yoki's mother; even her name isn't revealed.


The unnamed woman's first and only appearance is in One-Eyed Fish. She is seen walking with her son, Yoki, through the woods, though they appear to have taken a wrong turn. Yoki sees mushi on the way and gets scared, but is comforted by his mother. She doesn't seem to possess the ability to see mushi and tells him that it is nothing but his imagination.

Later, she and her son get caught up in a landslide. She is killed, but Yoki survives with just an injured leg. The status of her corpse remains uncertain, but it is most likely still under those rocks.

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