The Green Seat

Air Date

October 23nd, 2005

Japanese Title

Midori no Za

Episode Number


Next episode

The Light of the Eyelid

The Green Seat is the first episode of the anime series.


Ginko, a Mushi Master, learns of a boy who can create life by drawing or writing and decides to pay him a visit.

Synopsis Edit

A boy named Shinra has the ability to create life from the drawings he draws with his left hand. While attempting to catch one of his creations, it is caught by a Mushishi named Ginko, who sent Shinra a letter before arriving. However, Shinra tries to turn Ginko away due to his late grandmother's final wish of Shinra using his gift as little as possible. She believed that creating life should be left to God. She made Shinra stay there so that he would not live near people who would not understand him. Shinra then tells of little creatures he saw, but his grandmother could not. He drew these creatures with his right hand, and showed the pictures to GInko. Ginko explains that the creatures are known as Mushi, creatures that are not bound by classifactions of humans, flora, fauna, and fungi. They are ambiguous, and have strange powers. Shinra then offers GInko a place to stay for the night. At night, Ginko discovers a ghost-like mushi in the form of a young girl. When Ginko subdues the weak Mushi and finds a broken wine cup, Ginko determines she is Shinra's late grandma.

Ginko later explains to Shinra that Renzu, his grandmother, is alive and stuck in limbo between the Mushi and human realms. This was caused by a Mushi Banquet, a phenomenon of Mushi turning into human form and offering a human to become a mushi by drinking from a green wine cup. Renzu only drank part of the wine when the ceremony was interrupted, and thus she never finished the drink, which caused a limbo state to separate part of her own consciousness from her physical body, taking the form of a mushi. Her mushi self always watched him secretly. GInko offers Shinra the chance to turn her into a full mushi, warning him she will never be a human again. GInko tells Shinra to use his imagination to form the figurative image of the wine cup into a drawing with his left hand. When he does so, the wine cup comes to life and cracks, allowing Ginko to take the half of the real cup and combine it with the cracked fake, completing the cup. The cup fills with wine, and Renzu takes a sip, completing her Mushi form. Ginko offers Shinra a drink, which he takes. In a mental state, he then sees the mushi ceremony that Renzu took. The mushi explained the drink came from a river of light made of mushi energy. The energy makes plants grow, and is called "water of life." THey tell her of her grandson and his powers, and offer the cup of wine in exchange for watching him. When she drank part of the wine, the banquet was halted by a disturbance caused by a bird biting one of the mushi, The mushi ran off, and two different Renzu's came from the original, one a human and one mushi. SHinra then experiences the same sadness that she felt when she separated.

Ginko then leaves, reassuring the family they would be happy. He takes the wine cup, and the rumors of the boy's powers faded.


  • Not only is this the first episode of the anime, it is also the first chapter of the manga.

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