Sound of Mushi Sequel is a soundtrack album containing the music of Mushishi Zoku Shou and Mushishi Special: Hihamukage, composed by Toshio Masuda.

Track listing Edit

  1. Sun-eating Shadow (日蝕む翳)
  2. Tradition (伝承)
  3. Under the Sun (日向)
  4. Shade (翳)
  5. Dark (暗澹(あんたん))
  6. Sign (Remastered):Quiet (気配(けわい)(改)・静)
  7. Sign (Remastered):Movement (気配(けわい)(改)・動)
  8. "Mushishi Sequel Chapter" (「蟲師・続章」)
  9. Abyss (Remastered) (深淵(改))
  10. Mushi Gathering (蟲溜まり)
  11. Melancholy (暗鬱(あんうつ))
  12. Search (探索)
  13. Feast (宴)
  14. Along the Road (道すがら)
  15. Mild Late Autumn Weather (小春日和)
  16. Moment (刹那)
  17. Path of Drops (雫道(しずくみち))
  18. Wriggling (蠢動(しゅんどう))
  19. Emotion (想い)
  20. Regret (悔恨)
  21. Warmth (ぬくもり)
  22. Night Vision (暗視)
  23. Respective Answer (否応)
  24. Night Cherry Blossoms (夜桜)
  25. Uncertainty (無常)
  26. Swaying (揺蕩(たゆた))
  27. Mushi (Remastered) (蟲(改))

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