Saho is a woman who appears in the sixth episode of Mushi-Shi -Next Passage-, Floral Delusion.


She has long, straight black hair that reaches her waist. Her eyes are black, and she has pretty fair skin. She is described to have 'a beauty so radiant that it gives me the chills' by Ginko in the anime.

Saho lacks her five senses, caused by the treesap that she sucked on as an infant.


Saho was found by Mansaku, who heard her cries coming from a hole in a sakura tree. He noticed that there was a pinkish-colored liquid on the corner of her mouth, and came to the conclusion that she had sucked on the treesap out of hunger.

When Mansaku brought her back home to his house to raise as his own, his wife couldn't produce any milk, and Saho had refused to drink anything other than the tree sap. Saho grew up being loved by the family who took care of her.

By the time Mansaku and his wife died, after about 40 years later after finding Saho, Saho was only just a little child. Around this time, Saho began to lose her sight and hearing.

During the years when her body was sick, the sakura tree she was found in wouldn't bloom.


Mushi-Shi, Volume 7, Chapter 31