Nazaru Seed (ナラズの美)


Nazaru Seed

First Appearance

Episode 9


The Nazaru seed is a grain of rice impregnated with a drop of Kouki from The River of Light. Planting this seed will yield a bumper crop of rice, even during times of drought. The downside to this is that the farmers of this field will have to part with one of their numbers, usually the weakest member of the village. For this reason, a harvest resulting from the planting of the Narazu is called a "parting harvest". The victim who will lose their life to the parting harvest grows a tooth in the roof of their mouth, which falls out after their death. Postmortem the ‘tooth’ drops out changing colour from white to a brownish colour resembling a seed. If eaten, the Narazu seed will render the eater immortal.

It was created after a Mushi Master sealed the Mushi Light Pulse inside it. It can be thus used for Immortality and Resuscitation.


If it is buried in the path of the Light Vein it looses its shape and is destroyed.