Lightning's End

Air Date

December 7, 2014

Episode Title

Lightning's End

Japanese Title

Ikazuchi no Tamoto

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Mud Grass

Lightning's End is the 20th episode of Mushi-Shi -Next Passage-.

Summary Edit

Multiple lightning strikes have been observed hitting the same tree, and Ginko investigates. He meets a strange boy who attracts lightning to himself due to a mushi's influence. His mother believes he is doing it to spite her and struggles with the fact that she doesn't love her child. 

Synopsis Edit

It is about a boy who was born unwanted because his mother was married to a man she didn't love. She wanted to marry another, but her mother ignored her wish.

So the pregnant woman attempted suicide because she didn't want a child from a man she didn't love, she understood she wouldn't able to love the child either. Her husband managed to save her, and the woman gave birth to a son. He was struck by a lightning once, when his mother left him tied to a tree in the garden, although he cried and asked for mercy. He was then infested by a lightning-consuming mushi and Ginko attempts to help them.

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