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Anime Debut

The Pillow Pathway

Manga Debut

The Pillow Lane



Jin was a character in the Mushi-Shi anime and manga series. He was a fisherman who was afflicted with Mushi who could recreate his dreams.

History Edit

Jin was a sword sharpener who had become afflicted with a mushi named Imeno No Awai that supposedly gave him the ability to see the future. Because of this, Ginko came to him and gave him medicine to use on the mushi. He did not take it often since his dreams would bring good fortune. Because of the prophetic dreams, he was often showered with rewards as token of gratitude. However, he felt that he was the cause.

A day after he took some of the medicine, a tsunami came that took the life of his daughter Mayu. He stopped taking the medicine immediately after. But one night, he had a dream that a disease spread that turned human bodies into mold, decomposing them. The dream came true, and it took his wife named Kinu away from him. He realized that this impossibility occurred not because he couldn't see the future, but the mushi made his dreams reality. So he hated Ginko for "tricking him" for his safety. After Ginko's return, Jin took all of the medicine at once, and put himself to sleep. He dreamed of seeing geese,which were actually mushi, and reconciling with his wife and child. Soon after, the dream changed to him seeing himself inside his room that was set on fire magically. The dream was recreated in reality, and his actual house set on fire. After Ginko woke him up, he remembered a quote from Ginko concerning a road that connects dreams to the real world. He realized the mushi nest was in his pillow, and he cut it open. However, the effect caused him to be cut open in the torso.

At a hospital in another town, Jin was healed. He stopped dreaming and he continued to sharpen swords. He was scared of reams, and started losing himself. In the end, he cut himself with his own sword while carelessly waving it.