The Bottom of Winter / Depths of Winter is the 10th episode of the anime Series: Mushi-shi Zoku Shou.

Depths of Winter
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Plot SynopsisEdit

This is the 10th episode of the Series. Ginko finds himself unable to leave from a Mountain. He expects the spring season to come about in the mountain , however the Mushi known as Oroshibue ( Winter Mountain wind whistle)are unable to leave the mountain. This is because a turtle like Mountain Lord has closed the mountain and is not allowing the Mushi to migrate. Because of this, it is still winter in the mountain. Ginko tracks down the Mountain Lord and tries to persuade it to open up the Mountain and let the Mushi migrate. However, the Mountain Lord makes the Oroshibue push Ginko in a pond. Ginko then realises that he can breathe inside the pond, which is made of mud. He also finds the other animals hibernating and healing themselves, because there is Kouki drops emanting from the bottom of the pond. When Ginko finally resurfaces, he realises that his Backpack was left open and some Oroshibue are drinking his Kouki. Spring has also come about in the mountain. Ginko finally leaves the mountain and has a revelation: that the Mountain lord had planned to use Ginko's Kouki and heal the animals and Mushi of the Mountain